Dev Doshi

I am a problem solver.

I've been developing for the web since I taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP as a teenager. My university experience gave me practice solving problems from end-to-end at any layer. Since then, I've honed my business, technical, and design skills developing rich web apps for startups, freelance clients, and the enterprise while working mostly remotely. I enjoy keeping up to date with the evolution of technology and the web, but when I'm not in front of a computer I'm out enjoying nature.
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understanding business goals, problem spaces, and solution spaces
delivering satisfaction to customers, clients, and users
providing technical solutions tailored to the available resources
striving for simplicity and avoiding accidental complexity
ensuring high quality by following engineering best practices
leveraging project management processes to ensure predictable and measurable progress
contributing significantly at any layer
teaching and learning
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science (May 2013)
Computer Science
Human-Computer Interaction
volunteer teaching at organizations like GirlDevelopIt RDU
attending conferences like All Things Open and React Boston
Software Developer III May 2017 - Jan 2019
Cengage ⋅ (remote) Boston, MA ⋅
Cengage is a global educational publisher with multiple online education platforms serving a few million students and teachers
I was UI lead on a small team implementing a production-ready MVP of discussion forums integrated with Cengage's activity engine that could be provisioned on the fly for a given course activity.
React, node.js, Enzyme, GraphQL (Apollo), Jenkins, Java (OSGI), AWS, Discourse, Cassandra
I worked on a larger team implementing group video chat for language learning course activities.
React, node.js, Enzyme,Jenkins, Java (OSGI), AWS, TokBox, Cassandra
I worked on a larger team improving instructor authoring tools.
React, node.js, Enzyme, Jenkins, Java (OSGI), AWS, ElasticSearch, Cassandra
I was UI lead on a small team implementing an in-application messaging system so the marketing team could target messages to segments of users across all of Cengage's product platforms. This project has expanded into a sidebar for Cengage Unlimited that must work on all of the product platforms.
React, Typescript, Cypress, react-testing-library, node.js, Jenkins, Java (Spring Boot), PCF, XMPP, Cassandra, Redis
Software Engineer Feb 2015 - Jan 2017
Dropsource ⋅ Raleigh, NC ⋅
Dropsource is a low/no-code Mobile Application Development Platform built on React/Flux with node.js and Scala backends and distributed noSQL data stores. Users can drag-and-drop to create their application's interface, add actions to event handlers and connect it to Swagger specifications to make their apps data-driven and interactive, and hit our "build" button to generate human-editable native iOS and Android code.
I dramatically improved the reliability and maintainability of the MVP as I added features to it
I worked in a small team rewriting the frontend using React/Flux and following the Event Sourcing/CQRS architectural patterns and played a significant role in designing and developing our core internal abstractions and architecture
references available upon request
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Freelance Consultant/Developer Jun 2013 - present
(self employed) ⋅ (remote)
I worked on projects for a variety of clients ranging from a national radio advertising company to large print shops
multiple iterations of a custom print ecommerce site
React, vanilla Javascript, LAMP
a radio advertisement sales tool
React, node.js, MongoDB, AWS
scripts to process large XML documents for bulk invoice printing
Technical Lead Jun 2013 - present
Flip Your Training ⋅ Raleigh, NC ⋅
Flip is an improved version of Classroom Salon built on a cloud-based LAMP stack for commercial use. It facilitates threaded discussions around PDFs, HTML5/Youtube/Vimeo videos, and arbitrary links with reply via email. Flip also has multitenant branding, Stripe payment integration, and analytics tools for administrators. It was designed API-first and supports mobile web clients.
I was the sole developer, handled all of the support, and occasionally managed contractors
I designed and developed a custom Javascript routing/data/UI framework
I designed and developed a novel PDF annotation system and content scrambling
Technical Lead Aug 2010 - Jun 2013
Classroom Salon ⋅ Pittsburgh, PA ⋅
Salon is a social learning platform built on .NET and Adobe Flex
I took over maintenance and adding features the site and helped manage other students who contributed to the project
I led the design and development of a major upgrade to the site software, including moving it to a REST API, prototyping alternative discussion UIs, and moving as much Flex as possible to Javascript